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ScriptCat is a browser extension that can execute user scripts, so that your browser can do more things! Compatible 90%+ Tampermonkey scripts that are continuously compatible with them, more to come. We also support stronger background scripts and crontab scripts!

You can also choose not to install ScriptCat, if you already have another script manager installed, e.g. Tampermonkey.

If you want to use ScriptCat, firstly, click Install ScriptCat


1. What is the use of Grease Monkey Scripts?

It expands web functionality, removes adverts, increases ease of use and much more to improve your web surfing experience.

2. What is ScriptCat?

We have drawn inspiration from Greasemonkey and redesigned and implemented a framework that supports running background scripts. This framework also supports most Greasemonkey scripts. We highly recommend installing and using ScriptCat, as it supports a wider range of scripts and offers more powerful features.

3. How to use Grease Monkey Script?

To use Greasemonkey scripts, you need to install a Greasemonkey manager. The installation method may vary depending on your browser.

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