不限制速度下载的百度网盘解析脚本,无视黑号,拥有IDM/Aria2/Motrix三种方式任意体验极速下载!支持Microsoft Edge、Google Chrome、Firefox等浏览器 面向所有网友免费交流学习使用,更多功能正在完善中...
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适用于 ChromeFirefoxMicrosoft Edge 浏览器

防失联交流群组 Github By @ssstar

概述 / Overview

不限制速度下载的百度网盘解析脚本,无视黑号,拥有IDM/Aria2/Motrix三种方式任意体验极速下载!支持Microsoft Edge、Google Chrome、Firefox等原生浏览器 面向所有网友免费交流学习使用,更多功能正在完善中...

Baidu Netdisk parsing script with no speed limit for downloading, ignoring black codes, with three ways to experience high-speed downloading: IDM/Aria2/Motrix! Supports native browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. for free communication, learning, and use by all netizens. More features are being improved .

兼容的桌面端浏览器 / Supported browsers

Google Chrome | Firefox | Microsoft Edge


It is recommended to test this script and install the latest browser mentioned above, as third-party chome or simplified browsers may also encounter situations where the script cannot be used properly.

兼容的油猴 / Supported Monkeys

不支持任何第三方油猴 例如:暴力猴、Greasemonkey 油猴子、Stay for Firefox等 未做适配请勿安装

Do not support any third-party oil monkeys, such as Violent Monkey, Greasemonkey Oil Monkey, Stay for Firefox, etc. Do not install without adaptation.

渲染界面 / Rendering interface

IDM功能测试 Aria2功能测试
327d915c757eb9e97da6a697f926028d.gif 65211575c5a47699f60cbf10fecd3bfb.gif

详细功能测试步骤 / 测试工具下载:点击前往


扩展技巧 / Expansion techniques

神速Down 使用着非常优秀的前端框架, 并且集成了一些功能性的拓展,下面是来简单的介绍一下。

Shensu Down uses an excellent framework and integrates some functional extensions. Below is a brief introduction.

IDM使用技巧 / IDM usage tips

  • 选项 -> 下载 -> 手动添加任务时使用的用户代理(UA)-> 填入 LogStatistic。在 IDM 新建任务,粘贴链接即可下载。 Options ->Download ->User Agent (UA) to be used when manually adding tasks ->Fill in LogStatistics. Create a new task in IDM and paste the link to download it.

Aria2使用技巧 / Aria2 usage tips

  • Aria2默认推送地址无需任何设置,点击推送到Aria2将自动下载,支持Windows/Android,MAC客户端需要自行修改保存路径否则无法下载。 The default push address for Aria2 does not require any settings. Clicking on push to Aria2 will automatically download, supporting Windows/Android. MAC clients need to modify the save path themselves, otherwise they cannot download.

Motrix使用技巧 / Motrix usage tips

  • Motrix默认地址为 http://localhost:16800/jsonrpc 点击小齿轮更改为你的推送地址,在点击解析将默认保存你修改的地址,点击推送即可 The default address for Motrix is http://localhost:16800/jsonrpc Click on the small gear to change to your push address, then click on resolve to save the modified address by default. Click on push to proceed

其他的使用技巧 / Other usage tips

  • 脚本目前仅支持Windows / MAC /Android 环境下的Aria2 / Motrix 推送。 The script currently only supports Aria2/Motrix push in Windows/MAC/Android environments.


Note: The script currently does not support remote Aria2 push, such as Aria2 on the router

常见问题 / FAQFrequently Asked Questions

经过三个月的测试我们总结了一些常见问题解决方法 详见下列

After three months of testing, we have summarized some common problem-solving methods as follows.

  • FAQ : IDM下载提示403错误 Q:在IDM中 选项 -> 下载 -> 手动添加任务时使用的用户代理(UA)-> 填入LogStatistic

  • FAQ :IDM download prompt 403 error Q:Options in IDM ->Download ->User Agent (UA) to be used when manually adding tasks ->Fill in LogStatistics

  • FAQ : 暗号弹窗错位或转圈后弹窗消失。 Q:安装README说明的兼容浏览器和油猴插件,且尝试停用其他的脚本插件

  • FAQ : The password pop-up window is misaligned or disappears after rotating. Q:Install the README instructions for compatible browsers and oil monkey plugins, and try disabling other script plugins

  • FAQ : 我没看见有红色按钮?界面没有任何东西?

    Q:请使用兼容的浏览器Microsoft Edge、Google Chrome、Firefox ,确保安装并启用了Tampermonkey 并且安装了神速Down最新版本脚本,如果你在度盘内还未能看见任何神速down红色按钮,请你尝试停用其他的脚本。

  • FAQ : I didn't see the red button? Is there nothing on the interface? Q:Please use compatible browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Firefox to ensure that Tampermonkey is installed and enabled, and the latest version of the script on this page is installed. If you still cannot see any down red text buttons on the dial, please try disabling other scripts.

  • FAQ : 为什么我看不见哪里有输入密码框?

    Q:点击蓝色解析按钮就会有输入暗号的弹窗,如果你还未能看到此弹窗请使用README 描述的油猴 并且你可以尝试停用其他脚本,确保是神速最新脚本

  • FAQ : Why can't I see the password input box somewhere?

    Q:Clicking the blue parse button will result in a pop-up window for entering the password. If you haven't seen this pop-up window yet, please use the README described oil monkey and try disabling other scripts to ensure they are the latest on this page

声明 / Statement

1、脚本未最小化或混淆 Script not minimized or confused

2、未引用不符合规则的外部资源 Unreferenced external resources that do not comply with rules

3、脚本符合Greasyfork会员内容 The script conforms to Greasyfork membership content

  • 1.这个脚本会在你访问的网站插入广告。 This script will insert advertisements on the website you visit
  • 2.你只有在 参与某些事后 才能使用脚本的全部功能,如加入某群组、订阅某频道或在某页点赞等。 You can only use all the functions of the script after participating in certain activities, such as joining a group, subscribing to a channel, or liking a page.


The script contains tracking behavior, and using the script represents your agreement to this clause.

举报前三思,瞎举报会被Ban According to the Greasyfork rules, reporting from malicious companies will result in being banned by Ban

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